Brownie Bites

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Brownie Bites Coated with Sugar or cocoa powder

These brownie bites are super yummy and incredibly easy to make. You just need a cooled batch of brownies and a few tablespoons of granulated sugar, cocoa powder, and/or powdered sugar

I like to make these brownie bites using my Rich Fudgy Brownies recipe. However, you can use any brownie recipe that creates dense (not cake-like) brownies.

Cut cooled brownies into 1-inch squares and slice the top off of each square (this helps the coating adhere better).

How to make brownie bites

Sprinkle of few tablespoons of your desired coatings (granulated sugar, cocoa powder, powdered sugar) onto separate plates. Press each side of each brownie square into the coating of your choice. Brownie Bites covered with sugarHave fun with the toppings! You can roll the brownie bites in rainbow sprinkles, cinnamon sugar (for the brownie version of Mexican Hot Chocolate), or you can even coat them in melted chocolate… Fun Presentation for Brownie Bites at a PartyI love serving these brownies in mini cupcake liners. It’s a fun and festive way to jazz up the dessert table at your next dinner party or brunch. Dessert Table with Brownie Bites and Cupcake Stand