Fun Kitchen Gadget that Makes Homemade Lattes a Breeze

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Homemade Latte made with a milk frotherI absolutely love this little gizmo. It’s the only milk frother I’ve found that successfully froths dairy-free milks, like almond milk and soymilk. Every morning I pull out this magical wand (aka the Aerolatte Milk Frother) and whip up a lovely homemade latte. Around the holidays, I love creating pumpkin lattes and peppermint mochas. Plus, the Aerolatte is my secret weapon for blending hot chocolate to frothy perfection and it makes one amazing chai latte. If you have any coffee-loving friends, I know this fun gourmet gadget will make their mornings that much sweeter.

Here’s how I whip up a yummy latte:

Brew a strong cup of coffee. Stir in your preferred sweetener (I use stevia) and add any extracts or additional flavors at this time.

In a microwave-safe glass, microwave 1/2 cup of milk (it can be almond milk, soymilk, regular milk…whatever you like) for 30-50 seconds, until the milk is hot (but not boiling). Using the Aerolatte, froth the milk for about 20 seconds. Spoon the foam over your coffee and you have a delicious (and inexpensive) treat!