How To Break Free From The Cages That Have Held You Back!

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I chose to live in the smallness of a zoo because I was afraid to face freedom. I was terrified of answering that call to step into the grandness of the life I was designed to live.
Yes, freedom can be a scary thing. A life without limits comes with the freedom to fail, the freedom to be hurt, the freedom to disappoint and to be disappointed. But a boundless life also comes with the freedom to grow, the freedom to dream, the freedom to create and explore, and, most of all, the freedom to truly live.

How to Move Past Disappointment and Come Out Stronger on the Other Side

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Your vacation plans fell through at the last minute. You didn’t get the promotion at work. Your best friend betrayed you. Disappointment comes in many shapes and sizes but regardless of how it manifests in your life, one fact holds true: it will show up. So, how do you deal with it? How do you limit disappointment to a moment in time instead of letting it overwhelm your life? Here are some steps to overcoming disappointment that have seen me through, time and time again.

Don’t Fight It: How to Stop Wasting Energy Trying to Control People’s Reactions

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This morning I went for a run with a wonderful hound dog named Boo. Her floppy ears, gravity-challenged jowels, and dopey, dew drop eyes make her insanely adorable. As much as I love Boo, I became increasingly frustrated with her during the course of our run. She usually strides along quite well, keeping pace with me like a sidecar on a motorcycle. Every so often, though, Boo lunges toward the trees with such force that she catapults me off my feet like a human slingshot.

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